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CFX Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does The Rotovac CFX Differ From A Regular Portable Extractor?

    The Rotovac CFX utilizes a 27 gallon tank, high flow technology and an auto pump out system that allows you clean for nearly twice as long as a traditional portable extractor. The CFX auto pump out system pumps the dirty water into a sink or toilet rather than into a recovery tank.

    The CFX can be used by by hooking up to a water faucet for a clean water source, and auto pump out the dirty water to the nearest toilet or drain at 6 GPM. This allows you more versatility than a traditional bulky portable extractor
  • How Does The Rotovac CFX Work?

    The CFX is equipped with 2 dual stage vacuum motors that produce 200CFM. Unlike traditional portable extractors, the CFX has an auto pump out system at 6 GPM that automatically pumps the dirty water into the nearest toilet or drain. This allows you to stop the old “bucket brigade” and clean non-stop for nearly twice as long as a traditional portable extractor.
  • How Much Does CFX Weigh With Docking Station?

    The CFX with the docking station (also known as the Ranger) weighs 70 Pounds.
  • How Much does The Power Pod Weigh?

    The Power Pod weighs 39 lbs. It is light enough to carry with one hand!
  • Is The CFX Built To Last?

    The CFX is built with the highest quality components and comes with a standard 1 year warranty.
  • Can I Use CFX for Flood Work?

    Yes. The Rotovac CFX is an ideal solution for removing large ammounts of water from an apartment or house.
  • How Can I Try A Rotovac CFX?

    To arrange for a one week trial from our factory or from one of our 65 distributors, contact us toll-free at 1-888-768-6822 for further information. We'll drop the Rotovac CFX off at your doorstep, and if for any reason you don't like it, we'll gladly pick it up with a full purchase price refund.