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Pile Lifters

Turbocat Zoom

Now you can remove embedded dirt and dust much more effectively
— all without electricity! This power head harnesses the airflow of your truckmount's blower to generate maximum airflow and deep cleaning power. There's never been a quieter, more powerful turbine power head than Turbocat Zoom. This lightweight, air-driven tool operates without electricity, power cords or batteries.

PN: AC160 - Retail: $114.10 Call for Rotovac Pricing

Hydro Vac

A handheld version of the TurboCat, this air driven power head is fantastic, for removing dry soils from stairs, upholstery and more difficult to reach areas. A hinged opening on the casing allows easy cleaning of the turbine, and the suction head is adjustable for different cleaning applications and working positions.

PN: AC171 - Retail: $39.90
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Dust Downer

Eliminate possible damage to the blower of your truckmount or the
motor of your portable extractor with the Dust Downer. By spraying a
constant supply of water mist directly into your vacuum hose during dry
vacuuming, the Dust Downer quickly puts grit and dust drawn up from
the carpet or upholstery into solution, preventing it from being pulled
into equipment vacuum motors or blowers.

PN: AH20 - Retail: $59.80
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Back-Pack Vacuum

The Back-Pack Vacuum has been designed to make vacuuming easier
than ever before. The molded-in ergonomic back rest makes it comfortable
to wear by reducing stress and fatigue. But the real test of this machine
is its ability to sustain high airfl ow as the vacuum bag fills. In other
back-pack designs, the bag bulges and stretches when it fi lls, contacting
the side wall and top of the motor, severely reducing airflow. The Hydro-
Force Back-Pack features an increase in housing diameter plus a new bag
support to increase airflow, allowing for peak performance.

PN: AV52 - Retail: $454.63
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Hydro-Force Pile Lifter

There's nothing like a pile lifter to really remove the deeply embedded grit and dry soil from carpet. This is a powerful unit that has extremely high suction compared with a large cylindrical brush that lifts, combs and brushes the carpet pile.

The Pile lifter is great for pre-vacuuming normal soils prior to cleaning both residential and commercial carpeting as well as special tasks such as removing broken glass or construction soils. It features a trap door that protects the motor from large debris while allowing lint, dust and fine particles to reach the dust bag.

PN: MA29 - Retail: $2,556.84
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Certified Model "S" Pile Brush

The one essential tool for proper carpet care, the Certified Model "S" pile brush removes the deeply embedded dry particulate matter from the carpet while helping groom the nap, eliminate traffic patterns and prolong the life of your carpet and rugs. This model has a duel motor system: one motor drives a 4" nylon brush, while a second drives the vacuum motor. The S also has a sand trap, which collects the larger bits so only fine dry particles can pass into the shake-out bag.

PN: MA27 - Retail: $2,023.43
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