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Ozone Machines and Foggers

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Puremist Wet Fogger

The compact & stable PureMist fogger is the best choice for open-area & sub-surface deodorizing & disinfecting with water-based deodorizers & disinfectants that are EPA approved for fogging.

On fine settings, the PureMist atomizes 95% of its output to particles of 20 microns. Ideal for deodorizing and disinfecting! On heavy settings, 95% of its output is below 60 microns. Perfect for duct sealing or applications where heavy wetting is desired. The PureMist Fogger has an ultra high-speed, 2-stage motor, variable output from 0 to 18 oz. per minute, adjustable flow control valve, flexible 32" directional hose and a corrosion-proof poly supply tank.

Part#: AS40
Retail Price: $388.03
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Hydro-Zone Ozone Generator

Don't let the size fool you, this machine produces more ozone than machines 3 times its size. Eliminates smoke, pet odors, mold, mildew & more. 2.65 grams/hr. 7.95 p.p.m. Effective for areas up to 40,000 cubic ft. 30-hr programmable timer with adjustable output levels. Power supply overload protection. Tested and proven to maintain proper activated oxygen levels. High-density ceramic and stainless steel electrodes. No plates or UV tubes to maintain. Two-year limited warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on ozone electrodes.

Part#: AS31
Retail Price: $1,189
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Zonozaire Ozone Generators

Converts smoke odors into harmless, odorless CO2 & water vapor. Odors from smoke damaged carpets, etc. are banished forever. Then, the unused ozone simply reverts back to ordinary oxygen, leaving no perfume or unpleasant fragrance behind. Uses no chemicals, perfumes or masking agents. Actually destroys odor molecules, operates unattended, prevents odor from "returning", portable, plugs into standard outlet.

Part#: AS34
Retail Price: $1,020
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Electric Hot Fogger

This versatile fogger creates a dry fog, similar in nature to the smoke created by fire. This dry fog follows the path of smoke & neutralizes the odor. Can be used as a solvent sprayer by simply removing the heating barrel. Comes with a durable aluminum solution tank.

Part#: AS42
Retail Price: $241.94
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Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger

The Golden Eagle is the ultimate tool for the professional restorer. With a truly dry fog, it breaks down the solvent deodorizer to as small as .5-micron & dispenses an amazing amount of fog in just a few seconds.The Golden Eagle comes with an electric starting system which eliminates hand pumping and increases reliablity.

Part#: AS39
Retail Price: $1,910.86
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Vapor Shark

This versatile machine is ideal for use in small to medium areas. Treats up to 50,000 Cubic Feet. Uses up to 5 VaporSHARK membranes. 1 for small jobs or 5 for larger jobs. Convenient 2-inch coupling for attaching a hose & directing vapor as required. Typical membrane life is 270 hours.

Part#: AR49
Retail Price: $595.55
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The Restorator is an ideal unit for odor treatment in vehicles and areas up to 20,000 cu. ft. Just load the compact machine with an industrial odor neutralizing cartridge and turn it on. Cartridges are rated for up to 200 hours of service. After initial restoration, scented secondary cartridges may be used to diffuse a pleasant scent into the area.

Part#: AR38
Retail Price: $238.03
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Portable Industrial

This lightweight unit is designed for treating large areas. It holds up to 10 odor-neutralizing industrial membranes and treats areas up to 200,000 cu. ft. 
Ideal for the professional restoration specialist with largescale odor problems.

Part#: AR42
Retail Price: $1224.67
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Activo Ozone Generator

The ActivO enables you to do fast deodorization jobs more safely and efficiently. It features both an activation cycle and a unique fully automated deactivation cycle. This deactivation cycle rapidly clears an area of ozone after the ozone treatment is completed, minimizing the time involved until it's safe to return to the area. A bold flashing light provides a continuous alert that ozone is being generated ‚ÄĒ when the light goes off, the odor is gone‚Ķand so is the ozone.

Part#: AS38
Retail Price: $4,020.25
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Defendair HEPA 500

High efficiency air filtration, the maximum clean air rating from AHAM, and extreme versatility‚ÄĒall with a small footprint! The DefendAir HEPA 500 combines advanced clean air performance with the ultimate, most functional features to help make the restorer's job easier.¬†

Part#: AC35
Retail Price: $999
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