Rotovac Corporation cleaning carpet

Is the Rotovac Powerwand for you?

The manual scrub wand has always been a good tool for cleaning lightly soiled carpet. After all, it is lightweight and simple to use. However, when it comes to cleaning a more heavily soiled carpet, that same wand becomes an instrument of torture. The repetitive action of scrubbing back and forth with a wand is tedious and strenuous on your back, shoulders, elbows and wrists. Yet, regardless of the strength, stamina and technique of the person scrubbing with the wand, all too often the results are less than adequate.

This is why so many professional carpet cleaners now use the Rotovac Powerwand, gaining a double benefit:
  • Leaving carpets cleaner and drier,
  • Greatly reducing the fatigue factor.
The Rotovac employs a patented process of Rotary Jet Extraction, which can be used with any portable extractor or Truckmount. Dual high torque gear motors power two precision cast stainless steel cleaning heads smoothly over the carpet surface, allowing for an easy one-handed operation similar to running an upright vacuum cleaner. Each cleaning head has three spray jets and three two-inch vacuum slots. The 250 rpm counter-rotation produces 1,500 multi-directional cleaning and extraction passes per minute. The unique dome-shaped design of the cleaning heads completely encloses the “steam chamber” of the cleaning zone, magnifying the effect of each spray jet and vacuum slot. No manual scrub wand can equal the cleaning dynamic created by the Rotovac’s powerful combination of rotary flushing, agitation and extraction.