Rotovac Corporation cleaning carpet


In July of 2001 Ed Perry was unhappily employed by a delivery company in Sacramento California. His wife called a local carpet cleaner to clean their carpets. This particular carpet cleaner was referred to her by Ed's mother, who had used him a week earlier and was unusually impressed with his new carpet cleaning process.

“When the carpet cleaner arrived, he brought in a high-tech looking machine called a Rotovac Powerwand.” said Ed. “The Rotovac was radically different from any carpet cleaning machine that I had ever seen. When I asked him about it, he tilted it back to show me how it worked. I’m a very mechanically inclined guy, so right away I could see why the Rotovac Powerwand was going to do a better cleaning job than a regular carpet cleaning wand. The Rotovac has rotating vacuum heads that clean the carpet from every different direction at 250 r.p.m. rather than just back and forth in two directions like a regular wand. The motor does all the work instead of needing to rely on the strength of the operator. As soon as he started cleaning I was blown away by how clean our carpet was getting and the Rotovac also looked really easy to operate. I knew right away that this was the business opportunity I had been waiting for.”

Ed called Rotovac Corporation in Redmond, Washington and ordered his first Rotovac carpet cleaning equipment package in August of 2001. Ed named his company “Rug Monster” and has rapidly grown to four trucks running full time and grossing over $40,000 per month. “Starting my carpet cleaning business with the Rotovac has been absolutely fantastic, because the Rotovac does such a great job that we don’t need to spend a lot of money on advertising. Our customers are so impressed that they actually become our salespeople. Business just keeps on growing and it's 90% referrals!”

Ed is now hatching plans to franchise his carpet cleaning operation under his company name, “Rug Monster” and says his outlook on life has dramatically improved. “It used to be so hard for me to get out of bed in the morning knowing that I had to work all day at a job that didn’t pay that much and really had a limited potential for advancement.” remembers Ed. “I had always wanted to get my own business going but never had quite found the right opportunity. I’m now excited to get out of bed in the morning, because I know that I’m building my own business that pays extremely well and is growing in value with every new customer I add to my list.”

Rotovac Corporation of Mill Creek, Washington offers a complete turnkey business start up equipment package. This includes the patented Rotovac Powerwand, a high powered dual vacuum motor portable extractor with accessory cleaning tools, cleaning chemicals, training video, and a marketing manual with artwork and brochure layouts. A toll free consultation hot line is manned by seasoned professionals to answer any questions you may encounter while getting your business up and running. This complete equipment package has a retail value of over $4,000 if purchased separately. Since Rotovac Corporation is an equipment manufacturer, they are able to offer the complete package factory direct for only $2,995. For those who need to see it to believe it, Rotovac has a 30 day money back trial period. You can call Rotovac toll free at 888-768-6822 for more information or a free video with literature.