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Furniture Protectors

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Foil Tabs

These 3" x 3" protector pads have foil on one side and thick paper on the other for preventing costly furniture and rust traditional cleaner's choice and they are an effective choice for protectiong furniture from damp carpeting.
Description Part No. Retail Price
Package of 1,000 AC21A $29.40
Case of 5,000 AC21 $105.00

Plastic Pads

These clear plastic pads are the economical choice for carpet cleaners. They come in two sizes for use under furniture and rust and furniture stains. They come in small pads of 50 and you just "zip" them off as you need them.
Description Part No. Retail Price
Package of 1,000 3"x3" AC19D $12.72
Case of 5,000 3"x3" AC19 $38.18
Package of 1,000 4 "x4" AC20A $19.09
Package of 5,000 4 "x4" AC20 $59.40

Forearm Forklift

Make moving heavy furniture easy, reduce costly damage and prevent back injuries. Made of super-strength webbing, this leverage tool can support up to 600 lbs. (per pair) and encourages proper lifting techniques that can make carrying heavy, awkward items easy.
Description Part No. Retail Price
Forearm Forklift AX116 $19.99


When moving major appliances, Floguards protect your vinyl or hardwood floor covering from sharp edges or even the weight of the appliance. A heavy refrigerator can leave indentations in some floors - but not with Floguards. Strong and durable for use time and again. Sold in a set of 2.
Description Part No. Retail Price
Floguard 4' x 6' AX150 $48.59

Carpet Skidders

Designed for use on carpeted areas, and available in two different sizes (4" and 8") to work with practically all legged furniture, these carpet skidders allow you to move heavy furniture almost effortlessly, even with one person. Simply place one skidder under 3each leg and slide the piece out of the way.
Description Part No. Retail Price
Carpet Skidders 8" AC16 $36.99

EZ Moves Furniture Slides

EZ Moves allows one person to easliy move furniture and more! Fantastic for one-man crews or to save the backs of all your techs. Simply tilt the piece to be moved, slide the EZ Move underneath and easily push heavy objects out of the way! Choose standard EZ Moves Pro for most items with legs. EZ Moves 4' Slides are great for items without inividual legs and there's also EZ Moves Hard Surface Pro, a felt bottom version for heavy moving on hard floors.
Description Part No. Retail Price
EZ Moves Pro, Set of 4 AC028 $29.82
EZ Moves 4' Sliders, Set of 2 AC023 $30.89
EZ Moves Hard Surface, Pkg of 4 AC027 $19.57